Invite the cards to:

~ inspire your heart
~ bless your meditations
~ empower your actions in the world

You will love this beautiful pack of 86 heart affirmation cards designed by Lorraine Lewis, with heart paintings by Christine Geith, PhD. Each card has uplifting, heart-affirming words to inspire you and to support your well-being. The cards also include a simple heart meditation.

For many years I have enjoyed meditative practices to support my balance and well-being. Yet, the pandemic took this to another level as I began enjoying longer and more frequent periods of my favorite heart meditation practice. I would often lie down and my two cats would be lovingly relaxing right by me, or in some cases, on me. I felt their love around me supporting me as I was in this heart focused meditative time. I entered deep, expansive states of awareness of who we all really are in our true essence and of the interconnectedness of all life. I felt all the qualities we associate with our spiritual heart magnified.

These various “Heart Thoughts Make Me Strong” affirmations arose clearly in my consciousness and felt like Truth. I kept a pen and paper nearby and jotted them down as they came to me over the course of several months. These cards remind us of those truths we already know deep inside of ourselves.

I invite you to keep remembering that we can co-create a better world for everyone even in challenging times.

May these cards be a blessing.” ~Lorraine


Affirmations by Lorraine Lewis, Art by Christine Geith, Ph.D., spiritual artist

The cards come shrink-wrapped in a white gauze bag.
$24.00 per deck plus $5.00 shipping

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What Friends Are Saying About the Cards

“My dear friend, Lorraine Lewis, has created a marvelous set of inspirational affirmation cards, called HEART CARDS.
I love them! ❤️❤️❤️
A wonderful gift idea as the holidays approach! ❤️
Designed for anyone who has a heart and wants to feel love. ❤️
That would be just about everybody. 😉
Lorraine, thank you for this gift of joy, hope and inspiration! deep inside of ourselves.” 

“This is beautiful and so represents the powerful work you do in the world, Lorraine. Your heart cards keep putting out healing energy and helping to change lives. You are a BLESSING!”

“I’m loving these Heart Cards so much!”

“LOVE these beautiful, inspiring, centering affirmation cards. They are just what I was looking for to end this year and begin anew in the year to come! Thank you so very much for thinking of me and giving me this amazing gift”

“My life has totally changed because of the cards! How do we get them all around the world, into every home?”