Affirmations by Lorraine Lewis,

Art by Christine Geith, Ph.D., spiritual artist

The cards come shrink-wrapped in a white gauze bag.

Valentine Special!
$20.00 per deck plus $5.00 shipping

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A Blessing Ceremony for the cards.

Heart Affirmation Cards

“I have heard it said frequently in recent days that it is ‘heart time’ on the planet.

This ‘Heart Thoughts Make Me Strong’ card deck includes 81 cards with uplifting, positive affirmative words and beautiful heart paintings to inspire you and to support your well-being. These affirmations were inspired during my personal heart meditation practice. There is a suggested usage card with a very simple technique described to help you to access your heart space more fully. My intent is that these heart cards support you in remembering what you already know deep inside yourself – that when you are centered in your heart, you experience greater joy, peace, and well-being. As greater numbers of people live more from their heart centers, we together co-create a better world for everyone.

May these cards be a Blessing to whomever resonates with them.”


What Friends Are Saying About the Cards


“I’m loving these Heart Cards so much!”

“LOVE these beautiful, inspiring, centering affirmation cards. They are just what I was looking for to end this year and begin anew in the year to come! Thank you so very much for thinking of me and giving me this amazing gift”

“My life has totally changed because of the cards! How do we get them all around the world, into every home?”